FlexiPDF 2019

FlexiPDF 2019

Create and edit PDF documents just as with a word processor

FlexiPDF 2019 is intended for creating and editing PDF documents. Unlike other similar tools, this program lets you work on your files just as you would with a standard text processor. Besides, since it installs its own printer driver, it can produce PDFs from any program that supports printing.

As said, usability is probably the main advantage of FlexiPDF. In this respect, you can load any document and start typing and making changes. Similarly, it lets you work with images, which you can drag and resize freely. Good news it also supports checking spelling and automatic hyphenation in several languages.

The program’s main screen is not too different from that of word processor. Most of the space is logically devoted to displaying the document’s contents while there are toolbars for such actions as applying format to text. Unfortunately, it does not have tabs to open different documents, which makes you open various windows instead. However, it does support side-by-side comparison, which comes in handy for checking two versions of the same document or translating the source file to another language.

In addition to editing text, FlexiPDF 2019 allows working with pages. In this regard, it is possible to rearrange, rotate, and delete pages. Similarly, it is allowed to combine various documents into one by importing specific page ranges from each of them.

Luckily, FlexiPDF 2019 has a powerful search-and-replace function, which cannot only find and change the characters but also their formatting. This way, you can search for a given word and change it to italics, for instance. Another convenient feature is the possibility to create and edit interactive forms.

The product is available in two editions: Standard and Pro. In the case of the Pro edition, some additional features, such as text translation, optical character recognition (OCR) and file encryption. Fortunately, it also seamlessly integrates with various translation tools, allowing you to process text on a third-party tool and then import it back.

All in all, FlexiPDF 2019 is certainly a great tool that facilitates editing PDF documents. The product is available either for purchase or by subscription. Still, good news it can be tried for free.

Pedro Castro
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  • Creates PDFs from any program that supports printing
  • Side-by-side document comparison
  • Easy text and image editing
  • Integration with translation tools
  • Built-in optical character recognition
  • Form editing
  • Spell checker and automatic hyphenation for several languages
  • Lets you manage pages and combine documents


  • Does not allow opening documents in different tabs
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